Current Achievements

This page is a quick overview of our current achievements on our journey towards more self sustainability and a healthier lifestyle.  Some of these items are small and some are large, but every step is important in moving us towards our goal.

~We compost everything from our kitchen that can be composted.
~We recycle everything that can be recycled.
~When we grocery shop we use our own bags.
~Our garbage only needs picking up once per month as opposed to once weekly.
~We use a high efficiency, front load washing machine and we are contemplating hanging our laundry to dry.
~We replaced all of our toilets with low flush toilets.
~Our shower heads are low flow type.
~We rarely, if ever, drive our vehicles in the town we live in - we walk or ride a bike.
~All of the lights in our house are high efficiency compact fluorescent bulbs.
~We purchase our 100% pasture raised beef from a very small (40 head), local, sustainable ranch.
~We buy organic food when ever possible.
~We grow our own raspberries and saskatoons in the summer.
~Mac works out of a  home office which means no daily commute requiring use of a vehicle.
~We don't have pets.