Thursday, June 3, 2010

Calgary Bans Urban Chickens (Mac)

So, Calgary has decided to scrap the pilot project for raising chickens. I am dumbfounded by the fear mongering and ignorance displayed by the city and further more that a committee of seven people can decide what is good for a million people. What a crock of shit. "The Heart of the New West", eh? It is OK to waltz around with a cowboy hat on, but forget actually living the heritage. Noooo, that would not be urban and chic now would it? That wouldn't suit Calgary's new, modern image.

I get a kick out of all these municipalities and their sustainability rhetoric as it seems when it comes time to put the responsibility where it truly lies - with the individual citizen - all bets seem to be off. As far as I am concerned, I am a human animal on this planet and I have every bit of a natural right to provide for myself. I have not taken kindly to having my rights to protect myself and my family, choose to provide my own food, food safety, own my land, etc. placed in the hands of an utterly incompetent, selfish, greedy group of people that we like to call the government - at every level.

Obviously we need some sort of guidelines to live in a world that has way too many opinions, but to have five morons, and they are clearly morons, decide based on pure ignorance not to go ahead with the pilot project is too much especially when hundreds of municipalities in North America allow urban chickens. The ultra modern city of Vancouver allows chickens so what is up with Calgary? Why is it OK to have walking paths littered with dog crap and people having to listen to dogs incessantly bark throughout the night or some neighbor's cat pissing on people's porches?

I am going to go over to Paul Hughes' house to lend my hand at providing some photography for marketing purposes. I have a keen interest in the precedent set by the city as I intend to raise my own birds out here in Black Diamond. I haven't checked with the town yet to see if the rulers of Black Diamond will allow us lowly serfs to keep chickens. I am just not quite in a position to set up a chicken operation yet, but I will certainly lend a hand in the fight with Calgarian chicken farmers.


  1. Dude, Tell us how you really feel. Great post!

  2. I tried to keep the post civil :-)

  3. Of course, I live in Ramsay.... where a huge, disgusting, absolutely offensive and air polluting Lilydale chicken factor exists.... IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD!!!!!. IT is foul, and repulsive, and I think I should get some chickens just to prove a point. Why can corporations have a chicken factory in my back yard, but I can't!!??
    Some days, I have to leave my neighbourhood, the smell is so disgusting, and people have had chicken parts dropped on their lawn after birds pick them up, and fly off with them.