About Our Diet

Jody and I subscribe heavily to paleolithic nutritional and lifestyle principles.  There are many great books explaining the idea (we have some listed on the main page) and we feel that Mark Sisson has done a fantastic job compiling the growing science behind living and eating the way humans evolved to in his book, The Primal Blueprint.  Mark's easy to read writing style, paired with common sense analysis through the eyes of our primal ancestors, makes for a very simple and life altering set of 10 instructions to live by.  The book states on its cover, "...effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy" and it couldn't be more true.

We are a quite strict, however, in our usual daily food choices opting (whenever we can) to grow our own, kill our own, or personally meet the people who can do it for us - which means we do not consume any artificial or "natural" acids, acid regulators, anti-caking agents, anti-foaming agents, bulking agents, coloring, color retention agents, emulsifiers, flavours, flavour enhancers, humectants, preservatives, stabilizers, sweeteners, thickeners, or other non-food, man-added chemicals.  In other words, our food doesn't come in boxes with an ingredient list i.e. we eat food - not food products.  If you don't think these chemicals are killing us and our environment then you need to - as the title of our blog states - wake up and smell the damn coffee!

On rare occasion we will have some full fat, organic cheese and I do drink coffee daily most often black, but sometimes with a bit of coconut milk and very rarely whipping cream.  Mac also enjoys a bit of wine and more specifically, port, as well as 75-85% cocoa chocolate for treats as it is low in sugar.  We strive to eat as clean and natural as possible most of the time, but occasionally, especially during social outings we will relax a bit, but honestly, the nasty physical feelings the next day are generally not worth it.  Eating well is also very easy when you understand and accept the true science and historical evidence behind optimal human nutrition.

We will blog about our personal diet and fitness endeavors as well as our thoughts about modern nutrition and the false and misleading information we have been given by our government, other "authorities", and the mega companies that run the food supply in North America.  We strongly encourage you to look into eating the way humans have eaten for the hundreds of thousands of years prior to the advent of agriculture some ten thousands years ago - the exact time when human health began its slow and steady decent to chronic obesity and the diseases of civilization.