Sunday, June 6, 2010

Straight Razor (Mac)

As I was using up my last Mach III, disposable razor blade the other day I got to thinking that using these things is a huge waste. They are brutally expensive and end up in the landfill so I am now looking into the idea of using a good old straight razor. I found a link to a site that appears to have some good info on the topic so I am going to browse around there for a bit and see if straight razoring might be something I could get into. I can certainly save some money over the long term and knock one more consumable off my list. We need to look at the things we purchase that are merely for convenience sake, more than likely ending up in the trash, and if there is a viable, sustainable option then I think that option warrants a looking into.

1 comment:

  1. yo mac, when you decide, check with your father in law re using one of his, as he likely still has two of them, complete with the steel to sharpen them on, Ask for a demo if you dare, and the story of almost cutting a customer's ear off when gawking out the window at a very volumtuous young lady walking by his shop window. Oh, the memories !!