The To Do List

This page is a list of some of the goals we are working towards in some capacity.  We have long term, complicated items which may require permits, substantial research, and/or monetary investment as well as much simpler ideas to implement.  Essentially, this blog is a record of our journey towards realizing these items.

~Providing our own power needs via wind and solar.
~Capturing rain/snow to use in our toilets, showers, laundry, and irrigation.
~Hunting our own game animals.
~Incorporating more organ meats and bone marrow into our diet and perhaps insects.
~Installing a suitable greenhouse to grow our own produce year round.
~Raising chickens for meat and eggs.
~Upgrading the windows and insulation in our house.
~Upgrading our hot water to solar.
~Upgrading our furnace to high efficiency or wood burning.
~Landscaping our property with more edible plants along with fruit trees and berries.
~Reduce consumption of disposable goods