Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Did I Eat Today? (Mac)

Wednesday is usually the day I do my weekly fast which starts on Tuesday the with my last meal around 6 pm not eating until Wednesday at 6 pm for a 24 hour fast, or occasionally, Thursday morning for a 36 hour fast.  Wednesdays work nice for a fast since it is my day off from weight lifting and nothing much socially happens on Wednesdays so it works nicely, but I didn't feel like fasting today.  Not a big deal as I generally just let my fasting and dietary regimen float around where it wants to go.  I think forcing oneself to stick to a rigid dietary schedule is not much fun as I did that sort of thing for seven or eight years when I was into  serious bodybuilding.

Today I ate the following:
Breakfast: 4 fresh farm eggs, 2 pieces of pepperoni, coffee with 35% whipping cream (not strict paleo its a treat!)
Lunch: a can of sardines in spring water, coffee with coconut milk
Dinner: 4 beef sausages, a handful each of steamed Brussels sprouts & cauliflower

Not a lot of food today as I wasn't really hungry. I find that eating a very low carbohydrate diet allows me to eat less and more sporadically without feeling deprived or with ravenous hunger.  Despite what you hear in the media humans don't need to eat every two hours to avoid metabolic disaster.  Well, you do if you are cramming yourself full of sugar then you need to eat often to get your fix much like a smoker needs to smoke frequently to keep nicotine levels up.  Ditch the sugar and you can actually go a day or more without eating with relative ease.  Try doing that while eating conventionally...I dare you ;-)

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